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M.P. State Minor Forest Produce (T&D) Co-op Federation Limited

The Madhya Pradesh State Minor Forest Produce (Trading & Development) Cooperative Federation Limited was formed in 1984 to ensure the participation of forest dwellers in the collection and trade of non-timber forest produce of the state. It has established a best practice for forest dwellers. Indian forest policy, 1988 also has laid emphasis on managing Non-Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) to give benefits to forest dwellers as it is a matter of livelihood for them. M. P. State MFP Co-op Federation is the state-level apex body of a three-tier structure of cooperative bodies. At the village level, there are 1071 Primary Forest produce Co-operative Societies & at the district level, there are 60 District Forest Produce Co-operative Unions. The MFP Federation co-ordinates collection and processing of three nationalized forest produce, namely Tendu leaves (the leaves of Diospyros melanoxylon, used for making beedi), Sal Seed (Shorea robusta), & Kullu Gum (Sterculia urens), through Primary Forest Produce Co-operative Societies in the State and organizes disposal of these products. In addition, other non-nationalized Non-Timber Forest Produce is also being collected by the Primary Forest Produce Co-operative Societies.