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Task Force has mainly concentrated on promotion, conservation and development of medicinal plants

Madhya Pradesh has become one of the leading States in the country as far as on-farm cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. In order to see the development of the medicinal plants sector as a whole, a Task Force was set up in the Federation in 1996. The State Government designated the Federation as the Executive Agency to undertake the activities of the State Medicinal Plants Board in consultation and collaboration with the NMPB. Moreover, the Executive Director of the Federation was nominated as the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Production Commissioner to coordinate all activities in this sector in the forests as well as private lands and to prepare a Business Plan for the development of the sector. The Business plan was prepared and submitted in June 2002.

Ever since its inception, the Task Force has mainly concentrated on the promotion, conservation, and development of medicinal plants along with marketing aspects whereby better prices are ensured for the collectors in the long run.